John Goble is consultant astrologer who has been professionally involved in studying, teaching, practicing and writing about astrology since 1982. Over this time he has programmed and written a number of personal astrology reports of which Your Personal Astrology Report is the flagship report.

A storyteller with a profound interest in the work of Joseph Campbell his reports are presented in terms of the Hero’s journey, Your Personal Astrology Report is a rich and full description of the pattern of your Hero Quest, as revealed by astrological symbolism, and of the challenges, treasures, trials and boons encountered along the way.

John’s approach to astrology is informed by his continuing fascination for myths, fairy tales and the profoundly personal healing power of stories, both individually and collectively. An approach further informed by his involvement in dream groups since 1990 as well as shamanic, transpersonal and ceremonial studies and practice, areas in which he has been involved since 1995.

In 1995 he founded Questline a leading national 1900 telephone services line with life operators offering services in astrology, dream interpretation, tarot and psychic consultancy.

John holds a Graduate degree in Education.



“John is a wonderfully insightful, warm hearted astrologer who understands what it is to be human in a way that makes life meaningful, its fun getting his astro wisdom.”

 Emily ~ Yoga teacher

“Insightful, in depth and a powerful reading that has unlocked many doors and answered many questions about my life, my journey and my existence. Thanks so much.”

Minerva ~ Artistic Director, Leading Arts Company

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for my chart, I feel like I have a whole picture of myself now, instead of just a part. I also like your writing style.”

 Kate V, ~ Scientist

“Wow,  just wanted to say thanks for my personality profile. So interesting to encounter different aspects of my personality, broken down into bite size, reviewable chunks. The quotes are great and the stories seem to keep working their way round my psyche for more revelation.  To consider the many varied aspects that make up the whole has been revealing and really rewarding.  The aspects of myself that I need to work on are presented clearly, great advice that offers new perspectives for reflection like feed back from a neutral but loving guide”

 Sam F. ~  Workshop Facilitator

"This is just to say that I found the poetry of the language in your report as moving and inspiring as the information. it assures me that the only place to go is to follow my inner life. Thank you.

Jane ~ Artist

"My book came in the mail yesterday evening, and I can't get my head out of it.  As if it is quenching a thirst."

Amy Jo

“Somehow John’s words were able to reach me easily, as I sometimes find it hard to understand because of my dyslexia. I’m sure the reason was, the way he joined the story of the “Hero’s Journey” to the texts.”

Angel J.

“Some transit reports will have you cringing at the misfortune that awaits you …  But with Astroquest we are on a unique personal adventure, slaying hidden dragons and discovering jewels and riches beyond our deepest imaginings.”

Anne  ~ Personal Consultant

"I'm knee-deep in my reports and I just wanted to stop back by to say I'm LOVING it! You do excellent work and I'm really getting a lot of new insights and that's even after having studied astrology and my chart for a while.

I highly recommend anyone else considering ordering from John to just go ahead and take the leap. I'm learning so much more about myself from reading his report and I'm sure you will, too. "

~ Rose J

"The hero figure is an archetype, which has existed since time immemorial," writes Jung. This is a self-evident truth, but one that our culture has long forgotten. Through these reports we can get in touch with that inner hero who brings meaning and magic to our every day lives.”  ~ Anne L. 

"I buy one of these (a Forecaster) every year as a birthday present to myself and refer to it again and again. It's amazing how spot on it is."

~ Andrew M. Marketing Manager

"Thanks John, this is brilliant! It has been really enjoyable reading all about myself, haven’t finished yet but most of it feels very relevant and true to what is happening in my life right now. There seem to be many positive s coming up in the next year which is really nice to read!"

~ Sarah, W Student Nurse

"John, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your skill in these areas. Reading your material it was like you knew me beter than I knew myself Thank you so much."

  Julie B ~ Owner Builder

 “It's amazing how just reading it again new perceptions jump out and grab me.”

Anne L. ~ Graphic Illustrator

"Wow, thank you!! I found it very insightful, and I especially liked the ideal partner rating thing. Thank you so so much!!  A very pleased virgo!"

Cheyanne H ~ Sales Assistant

"I just wanted to say thankyou very much for my chart, which I read slowly and carefully last night and will refer to regularly for the next 12 months."  It was like being emotionally naked and I have had many realisztions about how i see myself.

I also like the way you put this together and your writing style – the Huxley, Jung, Campbell and archetypal references were not lost on me (my partner and I have both done a lot of reading in these areas)."

~ Andrew W . 

"…it was a fantastic report, for myself as well as the gentlemen I entered.

I really liked the graphing as well as the portion you did on Chiron.

Quite new. Your myth recommendations are quite interesting as well…

Thank you again, "


"I received my report from you last week. Scarily accurate. Thank you. "


“Through Astroquest's sensitive portrayal of the effects of planetary energies as they weave through our birth chart, we are given the opportunity to re-connect with something deep and numinous that binds us all – the state of what it is to be human."

Anne  ~ Astrologer
"Ok received report… WOW !!! What a amazing read, I had it printed and is going to be placed in portfolio. THANKS SO MUCH Astroquest Astrology !! LOVE IT ! AWESOME !!!!"

Mark O Trotter

"Thank you again for this. It has already helped and I am sure with further study, I will see even more and be better prepared to head off some of the more negative parts of my personality and hopefully draw those I wish to be closer to, closer.
There was a section of my report that was so right on.. I had to laugh."

"I want to say so much more, but with regard to sounding too cheesy, Thank-You"

Sincerely, Kathy

"I have to say.. I am very impressed by the report you sent me.  Believe me.. nothing impresses me.. "

Veronica ~ Marketing

".. :this was the most accurate thing i have read about me."
"That was fascinating! And for the most part, spot on for a first read. I will need to read it again and contemplate further. Big surprise. "
We have not read it through yet (it's been a busy day) but have read quite a bit so far and I just cannot get over how minutely accurate it is. It's almost scary!
Thankyou SO much!!!!   i am such a fan of your work….